Who We Are

The FCC (Carlos Chagas Foundation) is a private, nonprofit institution that operates in two main areas: Assessment/Civil Service Exams/Selection Processes and Research and Education. Since it was founded 55 years ago, it has been recognized for its competence in conducting civil service exams, college admission tests, system evaluation and socio-educational research.

Investing in education and research has always been one of FCC’s driving forces. Through its Educational Research Department (DPE), it dedicates to research programs on topics directly or indirectly related to education involving assessment, people selection, public policy, teaching and teacher education, social rights, gender and race. Another differential of the FCC lies in its experience and excellence in planning and executing selection processes. 

Assessment, Civil Service Exams and Selection Processes


  • Technical teams with up-to-date training in the following areas: project planning and execution, psychometrics, statistics, legal, data processing, information security, logistics, transportation, candidate care and accessibility;

  • Monitored facilities, own printer with strict production and packaging control;

  • Efficient, country-wide logistics;

  • Investment in information technology and security;

  • Purpose-designed projects to meet the needs of each institution;

  • Reliable and efficient results guide our pioneering spirit and tradition.

Research and Education

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Research Groups


Collaborators Portal: 2019-2020

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French-Brazilian Serge Moscovici Chair

A partnership between the FCC and the Consulate General of France in São Paulo to strengthen and develop scientific cooperation between the FCC and French educational and research institutions. Learn more.


UNESCO Chair in Teaching Professionalization

A network formed by 40 research groups and more than 100 researchers at public and private institutions throughout Brazil and in other countries. Learn more.